Our Doors Are Open And Ready To Help You With Your Goals.
We have coaching from group classes, personal training, to online only with accountability.

GETTING STARTED is easy. Message us below to get started. You'll have a personal coach who will modify workouts, and keep you accountable with daily communication!
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Lost a lot of weight and now focuses on maintaining his healthy lifestyle.
Went from showing up a few times per week and not keeping a consistent diet, to working with our nutrition coach and making fitness and transformation a priority!
Lost over 100 pounds and now is a competitive local CrossFit athlete.  She is also a coach 1Pulse Fitness.
Lost over 100 pounds and changed his life/confidence around. Dan is the owner and head coach at 1Pulse Fitness.
One of our first athletes, Jay has been consistent since his first day. This transformation was 2 months of healthy eating and great workouts!
CrossFit + Burn
Group Classes
Class Size: 12 or less

Our CrossFit group classes offer a great variety in fitness. You will gain endurance, stamina, strength, power and flexibility among other things. Everything is tailored to the individual and we include 2 classes 1-on-1 with a coach at the beginning if needed for technique work.

Our Burn group classes offer a great variety in fitness that is tailored for someone not looking to necessarily work on their top-end strength. We use lots of kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and plyometrics to get a great all around workout. You will burn plenty in this class.
Personal Training
Personal Training packages are great for those looking for that extra personal touch. Our coaches will assess you and your goals then tailor workouts specific to those goals.

We've worked with people 1-on-1 looking to drop 100lbs and we've also worked with collegiate athletes looking to take their game to the next level.

Everything is based around your goals.
Kids Fitness Classes
Our kids are the future and developing healthy habits should start today. We keep our kids on task with fun workouts that aim to increase flexibility, agility, speed and strength.

Our goal is to have our kids work out and walk out the door with a smile and a love for fitness.

8-12 Kids - Saturday at 10am
Monday - Friday
  • 5:30 AM - CrossFit (60 mins)
  • 8:00 AM - CrossFit (60 mins)
  •  4:30 PM - CrossFit (60 mins) - Except Friday
  •  5:30 PM - CrossFit (60 mins)
  •  6:30 PM - CrossFit (60 mins)
  • 8:00 AM - CrossFit
  • (754) 223-4163
  • info@crossfit1pulse.com
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